Washington HS pool construction nears halfway mark

Washington High School students soon will be able to practice their favorite swimming strokes in their new four-lane pool and natatorium, which is set to open in April. 

Tracking at 45 percent completion, the natatorium features large garage-style overhead coiling doors that open to allow fresh air inside and fencing at each opening to maintain a secure perimeter.  

The pool’s concrete foundation was poured last month, and pool walls are being constructed. After the pool is formed, the concrete deck and locker rooms will be finished.  

“It’s going to be another beautiful piece to add to our campus,” Principal Carlos Phillips said, noting that the new construction was generating a lot of interest from the community. “The school won the state swimming title in 1965, so we are excited about having the opportunity to begin another swim team.” 

The natatorium is a realignment project — a new, board-approved project that was not a part of the original scope of work but is funded by surplus 2012 Bond Program funds. 

Similar projects are underway at two more high schools. A natatorium being built at Milby High School is nearly complete, and the other being built at Yates High School is expected to be completed later this semester.   

Phillips said the new pool will allow Washington to continue to move forward. 

“We’re excited about the positive momentum we have academically, as well as athletically,” Phillips said.  

Washington is among 40 schools, including 29 high schools, across the district that are being renovated or rebuilt as part of the 2012 Bond Program. Eighty-nine percent of all 2012 Bond projects are now complete, and HISD will soon boast of one of the most modern portfolios of urban high schools in the country.  

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