December’s Customer Service Impact Award winner recognized for double effort

Nutrition Services has been relying on the accuracy and dependability of Team Lead Anna Acuña in two kitchens at the same time.

Students at two HISD campuses, Browning and Burrus elementary schools, have been able to count on Acuña for her steady hand in everything from supply ordering to recipe preparation for the last two years.

Before the pandemic, when the Burrus team lead left, Acuña volunteered to support the school. This prompted from her a world-class effort in time management and leadership.

As the December winner of the Customer Impact Service Award, she acknowledged that both campus teams rallied in support of each other and students’ needs.

“I’ve worked with two very, very good teams!” Acuña said. “They supported our good food mission and have resolved so many problems since the pandemic. That made my job easier to do.”

The Customer Service Impact Award recognizes HISD Business Operations employees who lead by example and deliver fantastic customer service while adding value to their department and positively influencing others.

Nutrition Services Operations Manager Mario Muñiz, who manages 17 campus kitchens, said he was proud to nominate Acuña because she is a training dynamo.

“Ms. Acuña is really motivated to train everyone in her sphere of influence,” Muñiz said, noting that she always keeps her eye on the big picture – the students.