HISD Mentorship Programs celebrate growth and development of more than 3,000 students during annual RISE Youth Summit

Students from HISD’s mentorship programs Ascending to Men Project (ATMP) and Resilient Outstanding Sisters Exemplifying Success (ROSES) participated in their annual RISE Youth Summit on Friday, April 1.

This year’s theme was The Journey to Self-Confidence and focused on youth empowerment, leadership, and speaking daily positive affirmations.

Students from 60 HISD campuses joined the virtual event which championed students in their return to in-person learning. There were two sessions – one for elementary students and one for secondary students – that focused on sharing powerful stories and practical advice for increasing self-confidence.

Elementary attendees heard from a panel of peer students who shared how they remained positive and on track during this academic year. The secondary students heard from a distinguished panel comprised of an associate news editor, a program director, a chief executive officer, and a chief operating officer.

“When you learn how to train your mind to believe in yourself, you exhibit traits of somebody who has self-confidence, commitment, and consistency,” said COO Jose Almodovar. He also encouraged the students with the phrase “confidence breeds success.”

“Since the birth of ATM and ROSES, these mentoring teams have played an incredible part in our Equity and Outreach Department by serving the non-academic needs of students which is designed to help each one of you be more confident, responsible, and ultimately become the best person you can be,” said Superintendent Millard House II. “To be successful, the major ingredient is having good mentors and coaches, people you can see the future in as your life develops.”

“This event was a great reminder to keep pushing for my goals,” said Isaias Jimenez, a sophomore at Scarborough High School.

ATMP and ROSES aim to cultivate traits and equip students  – especially from historically underserved communities – with the knowledge, confidence, and necessary skills to embark on their post-secondary journey. For questions related to HISD mentorship programs, please contact Demanuel@houstonisd.org or call 713-556-8902.