HISD announces continuation of Student Teacher Corps this summer, accepting applications from high school students and district alumni

In response to the unique challenges presented by COVID-19, the HISD Student Teacher Corps will continue this summer. Through this partnership, 500 college readiness mentors will be hired as student tutors.

All HISD students and alumni ages 15 through college are invited to apply for this paid opportunity. The purpose of this program is to address gaps in learning widened by the pandemic at more than 50 elementary schools in need, all while helping students interested in the field of education gain valuable hands-on teaching experience.

“We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with HISD to address learning loss exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, creating pathways for graduates to become teachers in their home district,” said iEducate CEO Arun Gir. “We hope this sets the stage for how a school district can engage its youth community and alumni to further the cycle of mentorship and college readiness while exposing more young adults to the teaching profession.”

Participants will gain mentorship and leadership experience in the classroom, test-drive careers, and receive direct classroom experience. Students selected for the program will be paired with certified teachers to aid with co-teaching and provide instructional support.

“Our core mission in HISD is to provide students with the tools necessary to reach their full potential,” said Superintendent Millard House II. “This partnership will expose students to the valuable skills employers demand, developing a pipeline of highly-effective future teachers and supporting elementary school students in need in the process. I urge eligible students to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.”

Tutors will work in person beginning June 2022. Current high school students and college students will be paid $14 per hour. This is an in-person job with shifts available Monday through Thursday, from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The priority application deadline is Friday, May 13. Students can apply online at http://Apply.iEducateUSA.org. iEducate is a nonprofit that connects young adults who aspire to teach with students who need to learn, embedding college and high school students alongside teachers to enhance the learning of elementary students and strengthen the homegrown teacher pipeline.