HISD partners with Nickelodeon for Baby Shark’s fin-ship initiative

Members of HISD PD C.O.R.E., Community Partnerships, and Student Enrollment collaborated with Nickelodeon for a special friendship—or fin-ship—initiative the week of April 18-22.

The interactive program was created for the release of a new Baby Shark episode that emphasized friendship, problem solving, and managing emotions with a new song called, “The Seaweed Sway.”

The Nickelodeon tour created waves of enthusiasm through the 16 participating elementary schools and early childhood centers. Students sang along, showed off their best dance moves, and connected with their peers, teachers, and HISD PD C.O.R.E. officers. Coloring pages and posters from Nickelodeon were also given to the students as an activity to keep the excitement going after the dance party.

“Growing up, we watched Nickelodeon, so we are just excited to give kids this experience,” said Officer Morgan. “You can see the excitement in their faces. C.O.R.E is all about giving kids these opportunities.”

The week was focused on friendship, but students also met essential members of Team HISD. C.O.R.E. officers made a cheerful splash by dancing and engaging with students.

“It is important to give back in a positive way,” said Officer McKinney. “It is not every day that kids see police officers in this light. This event with the kids has been an honor, and we are happy to give back in the C.O.R.E. way with love and passion.”

Nickelodeon will also provide the early childhood centers with bilingual curriculum featuring Santiago of the Sea to teach basic Spanish and provide support for English language learners.

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