HISD promotes bullying prevention through week-long effort, Oct. 17-21

As part of National Bullying Prevention Month, HISD’s Social & Emotional Learning Department (SEL) is recognizing Oct. 17-21 as Bullying Prevention Week to raise awareness and bring attention to the growing epidemic of bullying and social isolation. Young people who experience bullying may be pulled away from society, struggle with learning and social development, or choose to harm themselves or others.

Campuses are encouraged to participate in daily activities and encourage students and parents to join in to help prevent bullying.

Monday, Oct. 17—Take the Time: Introduce yourself to a stranger or someone you do not interact with on a regular basis and take the time to learn a fun fact or something interesting about that person.

Tuesday, Oct. 18—Unity Tree: Create a visual of a tree trunk on the wall. Show how much the unity tree can grow by adding leaves with written student responses. On the leaves, write the following:

Wednesday, Oct. 19—WEAR & SHARE ORANGE to show unity for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion and to send a visible message that no child should ever experience bullying.

Sign the No Bullying Pledge: www.pacer.org/bullying/pledge/

Thursday, Oct. 20—Random Act of Kindness: Shout out another student for a Random Act of Kindness and post it on a Shout Out wall/bulletin board.

Statement: I would like to shout out ________ because _________.

Friday, Oct. 21—Keep it up! Add to your unity tree and shout out wall.

Visit the following websites for resources, programs, and activities to help prevent bullying:

Let’s show everyone how HISD stands up to bullying.