HISD offers ongoing support for students with dyslexia

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month, but HISD’s Dyslexia Services Office works year-round to ensure students districtwide are set up for success.

In addition to dyslexia screenings, the department provides district support with interventionists who are specifically trained in how to teach students with dyslexia. These interventions and services offer a pathway for students to move forward in their academics.

Students with dyslexia struggle with reading, spelling, and writing—and it impacts people of all backgrounds and languages.

“As someone who was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age and worked hard to overcome this challenge, this cause is personal for me,” said Superintendent Millard House II. “Please join me in recognizing the ongoing efforts of our dyslexia teaching professionals and the students they advocate for each and every day.”

Campuses can also request professional development opportunities so educators can increase their awareness of what dyslexia looks like and how it can be addressed in their classroom.

We saw some of those opportunities throughout October. One of them was a dyslexia simulation where teachers were able to experience the type of struggles students with dyslexia face on a daily basis. They also had the chance to participate in a training where they learned how to deliver dyslexia services in Spanish to our emergent bilingual students.

Evidence-based research has proven that intense systematic, multisensory, and explicit instruction can help students overcome their dyslexia.

For more information dyslexia and services offered in HISD, visit the Dyslexia Services webpage.

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