HISD students to explore post-high school options during Generation TX Week

November is Generation Texas Month, a statewide movement to ensure students have information and resources regarding post-secondary options such as college, career, and military.

Generation TX Week runs Nov. 14-18, and HISD schools will celebrate with college and career activities such as college fairs, virtual college visits, college application drives, and FAFSA drives. High school counselors and college advisors will also focus on helping seniors complete college applications on Go Apply Texas and financial aid applications through FAFSA. All high school seniors are encouraged to apply to at least one college during this week.

All HISD Schools will also participate in the following themed days for the week:

Monday, Nov. 14: College Spirit Day

  • Wear a college shirt or college colors. Create or Check Apply Texas account and apply to at least one college/university (high school).
  • Create a pennant with cut-out pictures or drawings with the college you may like to attend.
  • Parent/Teacher Connect: Discuss what path you chose after high school (college, military, career, etc.) and why.

Tuesday, Nov. 15: Go WILD for Education

  • Wear camouflage or animal print attire.
  • Find out where your future college/university is located, what is the mascot, and a fun fact. Add to pennant.
  • Parent/Teacher Connect: Discuss other opportunities other than four-year colleges (community college, trade school, certification programs, work, etc.).

Wednesday, Nov. 16: Your Future Looks Bright

  • Wear bright/neon colors or sunglasses. Create FSA ID (high school).
  • Searching for college can be a scramble. Complete a word search or scramble word puzzle to expose your students to college terminology.
  • Parent/Teacher Connect: Discuss the career you have and what made you choose it.

Thursday, Nov. 17: Team up for College

  • Dress up as twins with your friend(s) in your team shirt.
  • Design your own college shirt for the college you may like to attend.
  • Parent/Teacher Connect: Talk to your students about their future goals, hopes, and expectations for their future.

Friday, Nov. 18: Hats Off to College

  • Wear your favorite hat or cap. Join us for FAFSA Friday (high school).
  • Share with your class what you learned this week about your future university. Show off your pennant and what you learned about your future university.
  • Parent/Teacher Connect: Discuss the pros and cons of attending college out of town.