HISD celebrates successful Nickelodeon partnership in support of early childhood education

Pre-K and elementary education are cornerstones of a child’s cognitive development. Few know that better than HISD and Nickelodeon, the producers of children’s programming and champions of early childhood education.

The partnership between HISD PD C.O.R.E (Community Outreach Responsive Engagement), Nickelodeon, and Inspired Consumer was established to provide students with resources and opportunities to learn about various topics including social skills, social emotional wellbeing, teamwork, and more—all while incorporating their favorite Nickelodeon characters and programs.

HISD students have benefitted from several initiatives beginning in 2021 with a sponsorship from That Girl Lay Lay, a Houston-native-turned-Nickelodeon-star, which included distribution of educational activities and materials to HISD elementary schools. The success of this campaign prompted Inspired Consumer to donate 250,000 Wet Ones hand sanitizers to HISD elementary campuses.

The C.O.R.E team participated in the partnership by reading students books featuring their favorite Nickelodeon characters and participating in lessons about crime prevention and making good choices.

Following the first sponsorship event, more than 100 elementary schools and pre-k classrooms participated in various enrichment campaigns inspired by well-loved Nickelodeon shows Baby Shark’s Big Show, Big Nate, Monster High, and The Really Loud House. The initiatives included interactive learning activities and reached more than 4,000 students.

HISD PD’s C.O.R.E team is dedicated to building lasting relationships within the HISD community via relational policing. To learn more about the C.O.R.E team, visit the HISD PD page and follow them on Twitter @HISDPDCORE.