HISD ramps up recruitment for New Education System schools

Houston Independent School District is hiring exceptional educators at the 28 schools selected for the New Education System.

The new plan comes with higher salaries, more support for teachers, and an innovative staffing model that puts the focus on classroom instruction and improved student outcomes.

“We will be aligning our resources—especially our most effective teachers and principals—to better serve students in underserved communities,” said Interim Superintendent F. Mike Miles. “For students who need to catch up and in schools that have failed for years, we will be offering more instructional time.”

Most of the NES schools fall under the Kashmere, Wheatley, and North Forest High Schools feeder pattern. See the full list of schools here.

The average teacher salary at NES schools will be $85,000 with an additional $10,000 stipend. HISD is also looking to hire more teacher apprentices and learning coaches who are working on their teacher certification to handle non-instructional tasks. Additionally, under the new model, discipline will be handled by administrators, and lesson plans and materials will be provided by curriculum developers. Read more about the NES model here.

All current employees at these campuses are required and highly encouraged to reapply, and high-quality educators and staff from inside and outside the district are encouraged to submit an application.

The principal selection process is already underway. The full timeline for the application for the application process is as follows:

  • Week of June 12: Teacher recruitment begins
  • Week of June 19: Teacher screening
  • Week of June 26: Teacher interviews/panels
  • June 23: All NES principals are selected
  • By July 3: NES teacher selection finalized

Candidates interested in applying for a campus position at any HISD school, including NES schools, are encouraged to visit TeachinHISD.org.

To apply for a position in HISD, click here.