HISD PD joins forces with HPD and local faith leaders for Project Safe Start

In preparation for the first week of the new school year, HISD Police is teaming up with the Houston Police Department and Houston Ministers Against Crime (HMAC) for their biannual school safety initiative, Project Safe Start.

The initiative, which will celebrate its 34th year of operation in 2024, was developed to support HISD’s students, staff, and police force as the new school year begins by increasing the presence of police officers throughout the district and in neighborhoods surrounding campuses.

This year, newly inaugurated HISD Police Chief Shamara Garner, HISD PD’s first female police chief, teams up with her former colleagues from HPD, where Garner served for 28 years, as well as the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Representatives from each organization gathered at Madison High School to speak to the press and kick off Project Safe Start for another school year.

“It takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to keep children safe,” said Garner, gesturing to the HPD officers and HMAC members around her. “Here is our village.”

The faith leaders of HMAC have been invited to walk the halls of HISD schools during the first week to reenforce good behavior and good decision-making.

“Project Safe Start is an excellent example of law enforcement partners being force multipliers, helping to make sure that HISD continues to be a place where students feel safe to learn, employees feel safe to work, and that the community has confidence in the safety of our district,” said Garner.

Project Safe Start, which began as collaboration between officers and clergy on the 1980s, is also launched at the start of every school year and before the winter break.

HISD PD is committed to being accessible to the community, and more information can be found on their website or Twitter. To report dangerous or suspicious activity, fill out the HISD PD anonymous reporting form here.