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Flying with confidence: New simulators at Sterling HS prepare students for career takeoff

Moments after the bell rings for the last class period of the day, Sterling High School student Jacqueline Vickers is buckling her seatbelt inside a flight simulator and preparing for takeoff.

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With her hands resting on the flight yoke, she reviews the flight control panel and gazes at the video screen that stretches across the cockpit and shows a digital picture view of Houston.

“I love everything about flying – just knowing that you’re in the air and you’re doing something that most people think is impossible,” Vickers says while practicing to fly in one of two new flight training devices at Sterling. Continue reading

New Aviation Club to Help Kids from Two Campuses Soar

Students at Sterling High School and Carnegie Vanguard High School will soon be the beneficiaries of a new partnership with the Houston Airport System.

Mayor Annise Parker, along with Sterling HS students Jesse Soto, Javonte Woodson, and Abril De La Cruz, announced the new initiative, dubbed the Aviation Club, during a press conference held Oct. 25 at City Hall.

The club will allow teenagers from both campuses with an interest in aviation or aerospace to explore those subjects through a series of monthly meetings held during the school year. It is designed to increase the number of young people pursuing careers in those fields.

To participate, students must attend either Carnegie or Sterling, maintain a GPA of at least 2.5, and meet various other criteria.

 To learn more, please visit the Houston Airport System’s website.

Sterling HS student: “I’m proof that HISD offers a great education”

Sterling High School senior George Smith Jr.:

Thank you for the opportunity to be here this afternoon. I’m a senior in the aviation magnet program at Sterling High School. And, I am very happy to tell you that as of February 25th, I am a licensed pilot!

I transferred from the Aldine school district to attend Sterling High School as a sophomore because I wanted to be in the aviation program. It’s the best decision I ever made.

It’s been an incredible experience, and I’m proof that HISD offers a great education for anyone willing to take advantage of it. I placed all my pride into my new school and strived for excellence, as I was not just representing myself and my family, but I was also representing my school and my district. I have taken AP and dual-credit courses and with much hard work, I’m proud to tell you that I am the salutatorian of my graduating class.

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