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Johnston MS students win video contest celebrating “Five Ways Ed Pays” – see top entries

Johnston Middle School student Charli McBean is already actively looking at what colleges she wants to attend once she graduates. So when the College Board announced an HISD video contest celebrating the benefits of higher education, the teenager was quick to round up some of her fellow classmates and enter.

Click image to play Johnston's winning video.

“We all worked together as a group and we sat there and brainstormed and brainstormed until we finally came up with an idea,” McBean said. The end result is a music video that celebrates the “Five Ways Ed Pays” – better health, greater wealth, closer family, more security, and stronger community.

McBean and her Johnston teammates Zoe Caballero, Alicia Bozeman, and Anthony Okoro were recently honored for their creative efforts at the February HISD Board of Education meeting. Their winning video was shown to a packed crowd and all the students received new iPads from the College Board.

Also receiving iPads and iPods for their winning videos were two other student teams from Johnston and a team from Furr High School.

First place video produced by Johnston Middle School students Zoe Caballero, Alicia Bozeman, Charli McBean, and Anthony Okoro.

Second place video produced by Johnston Middle School students Josenique Gerard, Caroline Cweren, and Danielle Thompson.

Third place video produced by Furr High School students Alma Garcia, Jeffery Burgess, and Carlos Gerardo.

Fourth place video produced by Johnston Middle School students by Janet Asante, Tena Lewis, Payton Campbell, and Erin Parkin.