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Photos: Teachers at PowerUp Schools Receive Laptops

Teachers at schools participating in the pilot stage of the PowerUp program, a districtwide initiative to transform how teachers teach and students learn through technology, are receiving their laptops this week.

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HISD Schools Win First, Second Place in Robotics Competition

EECHS students Christopher Martinez (left), Alexandra Santos (right) and homeschooled-student Nicolas Xiong (center)

Students at two HISD schools brought home first- and second-place trophies in the SECME National Engineering Competition, a robotics event held in Daytona Beach, Fla. Even a security snafu at the airport couldn’t stop East Early College High School (EECHS) students from winning the grand prize.

Alexandra Santos and Christopher Martinez won first place in overall VEX robotics, along with homeschooled student, Nicolas Xiong, who has been on EECHS’s team since 2011. Young Men’s College Preparatory Academy’s seventh-grade students Marcellus Jordan, Steven Jackson, and Daveon Clemons won second place in overall VEX robotics.

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