Roberts ES teacher ‘Caught in the Act’ of delivering great instruction

Roberts Elementary School English teacher Jennifer Heemer was recently “Caught in the Act” of great instruction during a lesson on how to compose an essay. An HISD video crew, along with Chief Elementary Curriculum and Development Officer Lance Menster, surprised Heemer and her students and captured the video below.

The “Caught in the Act”—or CIA—video campaign was started by HISD to recognize highly effective teachers who are delivering instruction that will lead to students become Global Graduates: young men and women who possess the skills necessary to ensure success in college and the ability to compete in today’s global workforce.

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Every month, the HISD video team, along with Menster or Secondary Curriculum and Development Officer Annie Wolfe, will be dropping in on classrooms to observe and point out examples of effective instruction based on the six qualities of the Global Graduate profile. An HISD Global Graduate is adaptable and productive, a leader, a responsible decision-maker, a skilled communicator, a critical thinker, and a college-ready learner.

Teachers can be nominated for the video series by school offices, chiefs, principals, and teacher development specialists. To nominate someone, please send an email to

We’d like every member of Team HISD to act as a “Caught in the Act” or CIA agent. So when you see great instruction going on, take a picture and share it with us on social media using the hashtag #HISDcia.