Seats still available in some magnet programs for 2015–2016 year

Parents who still haven’t decided where to send their children this fall are in luck, as several magnet programs still have space available for the coming school year.

Magnet schools offer students unique opportunities to develop specific career-oriented skills in particular fields, such as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), maritime, or fine arts. Campuses with either open spots or short waiting lists include Scarborough High School, Austin High School, Marshall Middle School, M.C. Williams Middle School, Gregory-Lincoln K-8, and Carrillo Elementary School, all of which were featured in a series of magnet spotlights last fall.

Even the popular Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan still has a very short waiting list for incoming seventh-graders (only one, as of July 7), while four desirable early college high schools (South, East, Challenge, and the Houston Academy for International Studies) either have space available or very short waiting lists for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or some combination of those grades.

For a full list of magnet schools with space available or short waiting lists, please visit the School Choice website.You can also visit this page for a complete list of all magnet programs and their waiting list status by grade level.

NOTE: Campuses listed with “all” after their names have spaces available. Campuses with one or more grade levels listed either have spaces available or very short waiting lists.