HISD bus riders to begin scanning bus badges on Monday

HISD bus riders at 22 pilot schools across the district began scanning their badges as they got on and off the bus this week as part of the official launch of Student Badge Program.

The 22 pilot schools were tapped to lead the initiative, giving Transportation Services time to review the initial rollout and refine the program as needed before implementing it districtwide next week.

Bus riders at all remaining HISD schools will begin scanning their badges during the week of Oct. 29.

“No one will be refused transportation if they don’t have a badge. However, it’s important for students to remember to bring and scan their badges every day,” Transportation Services Interim General Manager John Wilcots IV said. “These badges give us — and their parents — access to real-time information about when and where students get off the bus. But no badge equals no data.”

The Student Badge Program is designed to help the district track ridership and utilization of buses and routes, while also allowing parents to track when their child gets on and off the bus — enhancing efficiency and safety across the system.

Students must scan their badges as load and unload the bus each morning and afternoon. Parents who sign up for the service can receive real-time notifications via text or email alerting them of their child’s route activity.

Badges were distributed to pilot school students on Oct. 18 and 19, and they began using the badges this week as part of a soft program launch. Badges were distributed to all remaining schools this week, with students expected to begin using them next week. Transportation Services is working with campus administrators to ensure all badges are distributed to bus riders.

Implementation of the badge program is part of Transportation Services’ continued efforts to provide better service to students across the district. During just the past week, Transportation administrators adjusted 172 routes, increasing route efficiency and on-time arrival for more than 7,700 students.

Another change will take place on Monday with the relocation of the magnet hub at AMC Studio 30 on Dunvale Road to Piney Point Elementary School. All magnet bus riders assigned to the AMC 30 hub should report instead to Piney Point beginning Oct. 29. The move shortens the walking distance to and from the hub for roughly 500 students assigned to this location.

For more information on the Student Badge Program, to learn how to sign up for real-time notifications, or to order a replacement badge, go to HoustonISD.org/Transportation or call Customer Care at 713-556-9400.