HISD provides supports for parents of special education students

The Houston Independent School District is committed to providing instructional resources to parents of students with disabilities during this time away from school buildings as well as multiple ways to engage children in meaningful learning experiences. 

HISD has updated the special education section of the HISD @ H.O.M.E page to enhance the organization of resources and tools for virtual instruction.

For example, if a student is accessing learning in a Structured Learning Class (SLC), there is a section with resources specific to students being served in this setting. There are also sections for additional placements to include: Preschoolers Achieving Learning Skills (PALS), Preparing Students for Independence (PSI), Skills for Learning and Living (SLL), and Structured Learning Class- Alternative (SLC-Alt). 

The HISD Office of Special Education has also created supports for parents of special education students to help them cope with the disruptions created by the recent pandemic and ease the related challenges.

A virtual meeting for parents of students with Autism will be held at 10 a.m. on Friday, April 24. This is an opportunity for parents to engage with other parents whose children have autism and receive vital tips and recommendations on how best to meet the needs of their child during the pandemic.

There will also be members from the HISD Autism team available to answer questions and provide information on how you can support your child at home. Please RSVP here.

Additionally, to accommodate the changing learning landscape that has resulted from COVID-19, a complimentary Remote Learning Preparation Plan has been created for parents of special education students. This resource will assist in the set-up of at-home students’ logins and additional resources for communicating with students and parents/guardians during this time. The plan can be accessed here

For special education students who receive inclusion or co-teach support and access the general education curriculum in the general education setting, parents are encouraged to visit the section titled “Inclusive Learning Resources for Parents.” This section includes accommodations, designated supports and supplemental aids that can be used to assist students while engaging in learning. 

Resources for each placement include the following:

  • An instructional calendar with daily activities to support learning at home
  • Parent tips for successful homebound learning
  • Tips for parenting during the time of COVID-19
  • Digital and printable educational resources to support learning
  • Behavioral and emotional support resources
  • Links to virtual field trips and other enrichment activities

For more Special Education @ H.O.M.E resources, visit this link. For questions regarding special education services, contact the Office of Special Education Services at spedsupportingparents@houstonisd.org.