Ten HISD football teams recognized for sportsmanship

From left: Gemale Sheqli of Wisdom High School; Vernon Mosley III of Sterling High School; Matthew Sanchez of Milby High School; Fredy Velasquez of Scarborough High School; and LaRonte Lewis of Westside High School.

Ten Houston Independent School District football teams were recognized for their on-field sportsmanship as the Touchdown Club of Houston held its 16th annual Sportsmanship Luncheon on Wednesday, April 7.

Ten of the 40 Houston-area high school teams nominated were from HISD: Furr, Milby, Northside, Scarborough, Sterling, Waltrip, Washington, Westside, Wisdom, and Yates.

“At HISD, we are focused on the whole child. We seek to produce academically strong students of high moral character,” said HISD Interim Superintendent Grenita Lathan. “We are proud that our student-athletes were recognized for their sportsmanship, which is a reflection of the outstanding example set by our coaches, teachers, and staff.”

HISD teams won five of eight of the awards, selected by referees who called each high school game in 2020, in Divisions 4A, 5A, and 6A. HISD swept Division 5A.

Milby won first place. Wisdom placed second, and Sterling placed third. Scarborough was the first-place winner in Division 4A. Westside placed third in Division 6A. Referees use a point system to rank each team each week of the season.

“I am so proud of all the teams recognized for this outstanding award. Winning on the scoreboard is great, but winning beyond the game sets our student-athletes up for success in life,” said HISD Athletic Director Andre’ Walker.

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