Get to know the HISD Office of Talent Teacher Appreciation Award winner from Oates ES

The HISD Office of Talent presented Oates Elementary School’s Neftaly Gonzalez with its Teacher Appreciation Award.

It was quite the surprise for the third grade bilingual teacher who thought the cameras were just there to observe the class.

“Now I feel like I have more pressure, but I like that my kids get to see that because then they know that they’re capable of doing whatever goal they have in mind and they’re able to achieve it,” said Gonzalez.

Principal Melissa Melchor praised Gonzalez’s dedication to her class.

“She’s very hardworking,” said Melchor. “She does everything she can for the kids. She goes above and beyond with anything that you ask her to do,”

Get to know more about Gonzalez below:

Q: What was your favorite subject in school?

Gonzalez: Math

Q: What is your favorite book?

Gonzalez: I think children’s books overall. Realistic fiction chapter books.

Q: Where is your favorite place to eat in Houston?

Gonzalez: Any taco place

Q: What made you become a teacher?

Gonzalez: It’s something that I always wanted to do, since I was in elementary. I think it was the teachers that I had in elementary that were always pushing me. Now I want to be like those teachers that were pushing me so I can push my students.

Q: What is your hope for your students this year?

Gonzalez: Just to show them that any goal that they have, they are able to accomplish it. And that they grow as students, as people, as better humans, academically and emotionally.