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Get to know the HISD Office of Talent Teacher Appreciation Award winner from Fondren MS

The HISD Office of Talent presented Fondren Middle School’s Andrew Houston with its Teacher Appreciation Award.

“Mr. Houston, we have a surprise for you,” said Principal Meagan Edwards as she opened the door to Houston’s Special Skills classroom.

Representatives from the Office of Talent presented Houston, a dedicated Special Education teacher of all grade levels, with a gift basket and tickets to a Rockets game.

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An emotional surprise for the Teacher Appreciation Award winner from Hartsfield ES

The HISD Office of Talent presented Hartsfield Elementary School’s DeShawn Beatty with its Teacher Appreciation Award.

When Beatty realized she was being recognized for her tremendous work in the classroom, she began to cry. It’s been a tough couple of years for the first-grade teacher.

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Get to know Mitchell ES Teacher Appreciation Award winner

Third-grade bilingual math teacher Rodolfo Magallan has always loved math.  The latest Office of Talent Teacher Appreciation award winner learned that hard work plus dedication equals appreciation when he was surprised by the award during his class at Mitchell Elementary. Get to know Magallan:

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Get to know Woodson’s Teacher Appreciation Award winner

Woodson Leadership Academy principal Gina Wilkins joked that Pre-K teacher Perchanda Utley should re-sign her contract early- like right there on the spot. Utley is the latest Office of Talent Teacher Appreciation award winner. After Wilkins joked Utley needed to put pen to paper immediately, she praised her for being a “master” teacher. Utley has spent her entire teaching career at HISD. Get to know more about her below:

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Get to know Elmore ES’s HISD Office of Talent Teacher Appreciation Award winner

The first HISD Office of Talent Teacher Appreciation Award was awarded to Elmore Elementary School’s Monica Shelvin on Friday.

Shelvin, a 25-year veteran teacher, has been with HISD for 21-years. The first-grade teacher was very surprised by what she described as a “welcome, welcome welcome reward” after what hasn’t been the easiest couple of years to be an educator.

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Thank an Educator During Teacher Appreciation Week May 7–11

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7–11 and HISD would like to extend its thanks to the more than 10,000 teachers who serve our students.  And what better way to say “thank you” than to share some inspiring stories about favorite teachers from students across the district:

Carolyn Wiley
Bonner ES, Grade 4

Submitted by Annette M. Comacho, parent

She is a very generous person. She does a lot for her students. She gives them advice when they need it. She encourages them to do their best in school as well as in life. My son was in her class last year, and that year was by far the best year for him. He read a lot of books and was an honor roll student in part because of her. She didn’t let him give up when he thought it was too hard. She encouraged him to do his best because she knew he could do it. To this day, she is still helping and encouraging him to do his best. You know how sometimes, there is just one teacher that you have? You don’t forget them because they were a big influence in your life. Well, Ms. Wiley is one of the teachers that I am sure my son and I will never forget. I am very grateful that she came into my son’s life, as well as mine. She has also given me good advice when I needed it. The world needs more teachers like her.


Read more stories about great teachers on the HISD website.

Got a Great Story About an Inspiring Teacher? Tell Us!

HISD will be observing Teacher Appreciation Week May 7–11, and announcing its Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year at the Team HISD Celebration of Excellence on May 24.

To help us say “thanks” to these dedicated professionals, we invite you to share your most inspiring or heartwarming story with us about a teacher who changed your (or your child’s) life. Just send an e-mail to info@houstonisd.org, using the subject line, “Inspiring Teachers,” and we’ll post as many as we can on the district’s website.