HISD Facilities worker pleasantly surprised to win the February Customer Service Impact Award

Thinking it was a business office meeting, Administrative Assistant Irene Martinez attended a gathering of her peers in the 228 McCarty training room, and she was overwhelmed with delight.

“They started talking about the Customer Service Impact Award and then announced my name,” Martinez said. “What a nice way to be recognized!”

Employees in HISD Business Operations who lead by example and deliver fantastic customer service while adding value to their department and positively influencing others are eligible for the award.

Senior Manager for Organizational Strategy and Development April Smith nominated Martinez and insisted that the committee select her as the February winner.

“She takes care of every crossing guard with patience and respect,” Smith said. “She plays a pivotal role in their onboarding and makes sure they do their job well.”

The HISD Crossing Guard program looks for dedicated individuals to provide safe street crossings in HISD school zones for students.

Martinez joined the Crossing Guard division six years ago. She has seen many retired senior citizens apply, and that makes her feel like she has the best of both worlds – helping students get to and from school safely and retaining seniors as contributing employees.

“I am so committed to each of our crossing guards,” Martinez said. “My heart is in helping these individuals support our students, be successful on campus, and feel appreciated.”

HISD is recruiting school crossing guards. Get information on the HR Careers web page.