HISD Maintenance repairer honored with April Customer Service Impact Award

Daniel Lara is no stranger to hard work. Beginning his career with HISD as a maintenance repairer in 2016, Lara is one of two team members who oversee all the district’s playgrounds. Lara has expanded his responsibilities to include pest control, bleachers, sprinklers, irrigation, and carpentry wherever his skills are required.

“I just try to work hard and show up to work every day,” said Lara. “I do my job. That’s it.”

Lara’s steadfast attitude and dedication earned him HISD’s Customer Service Impact Award for the month of April 2022.

The CSIA is presented each month to a professional who has been nominated by their department head. The perfect candidate consistently exceeds expectations and works to build trust among their colleagues. According to Lara’s supervisor, Dr. Michael Henson, Lara was a shoo-in for the honor.

“Danny never complains,” said Henson. “He comes to work every day, like every day. It’s always a surprise if he takes off. He is very dependable. He’s my number-one guy. I love Danny like one of my family members.”

Lucie Garcia, the HISD Facilities Business Manager, congratulated Lara and spoke on the dedication of him and his team. “The amount of work that they get done is amazing,” said Garcia. “It’s a lot of work for the small number of employees that we have, but they are here every day, they are out there in the hot sun, and they are doing what they need to do to get it done.”

Lara also regularly acts as a translator when his team is in need of a Spanish speaker.

With his supervisors in attendance and family members watching on a video call, Lara was honored with a star-shaped, engraved award and a gift basket full of goodies provided by Whataburger—including condiments, merchandise, and free Whataburger for a year.