Waltrip HS honors school lunch heroes

Waltrip High School wrapped up Teacher Appreciation Week on Friday, May 6, with the presentation of a proclamation from Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner recognizing School Lunch Hero Day. It’s a day of celebration in honor of HISD’s dedicated Nutrition Services staff and the lasting impact their work has on the students they feed every day.

The proclamation showcased Nutrition Services’ recent accomplishments, including the district’s participation in the USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program and the increasing success of Mykawa Farm, the district-owned working farm that employs HISD students.

At Waltrip, a massive poster covered in notes and well-wishes from students and faculty hung on the cafeteria wall. The school lunch heroes were also treated to a spirited routine from Waltrip’s cheer squad and a serenade from the marching band. Nutrition Services Officer Betti Wiggins accepted the proclamation and celebrated with the Waltrip cafeteria staff.

“It’s more than fitting that on the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week, we recognize the individuals that ensure our children are in the classroom ready to learn,” said Wiggins. “School lunch is more than just trays; we also go beyond the plate to ensure that students have more than a consumer relationship with our programs. You see that in our FAL (Food and Agriculture Literacy) program at our farm at Mykawa. This is a really exciting day, and I’m so glad that Waltrip High School takes it so seriously and turned it into such a celebration.”

Each of Waltrip’s school lunch heroes was honored with a reading of a personalized profile including where they are from, their favorite movies, and their favorite foods. Vice Principal Dr. Warren Anderson then presented them with a certificate of appreciation and a gift card.

“They really care for the students, said Anderson. “They’re sensitive to the needs of the students and they know that school meals might be the only source of nourishment some of these students have and they go above and beyond to accommodate that. The kids were really excited, and you can see that they really value what [our school lunch heroes] do.”

Curtis Johnson, Operations Manager at Waltrip, was overcome with pride for his staff during the School Lunch Hero Day celebration.

“It was over the top and absolutely deserving,” Johnson said. “I’m so happy for [our staff] because it lets them know that they’re loved, lets them know that people do see what they do, and their hard work is worth it.”