Burbank MS cafeteria manager celebrated with June Customer Service Impact Award

When Burbank Middle School Cafeteria Manager Rosalyn Parks was led into a meeting room with her eyes covered, she had no idea what was waiting for her. The room was decorated with garlands of balloons, some spelling out “CONGRATS.”

Parks was surrounded by her cafeteria staff and all of the area Team Leads that she has mentored, supported, and inspired for the past two years. Her team, along with administration, gathered on Thursday, June 2, to celebrate Parks and present her with the June 2022 Customer Service Impact Award. They all shouted “Surprise!” when she uncovered her eyes.

HISD Nutrition Services Operations Manager Stacey Kopesky nominated Parks because she embodies the hard work and dedication by which the Customer Service Impact Award is defined. “Ms. Parks is so valuable to my team,” said Kopesky. “She is the glue that holds us all together. Any time that I’m out, she’s able to step in and run the area. She does the training for the area and she’s so valuable that words really can’t express how valuable she is to me and my team.”

An HISD employee of 13 years, Parks understands the value of great leadership, and the extra effort she puts forth to keep the Burbank Middle School cafeteria running smoothly has not gone unnoticed by her team and superiors.

Team Lead Maria Hernandez was the first of many team members who volunteered to say a few words about Parks. “She’s always stepping in and she’s always there,” said Hernandez. “When we need something, we can call her. She’s always available.”

Parks was presented with a star-shaped trophy, a certificate of achievement, and a gift basket which included a collection of Whataburger merchandise and a gift card for free Whataburger for a year.

Parks could barely contain tears of overwhelming appreciation as her team spoke about her impact on their lives.

“It means a lot to me because you don’t think that anyone is watching, but they are,” Parks said. “It means a lot that my team and my higher-ups notice me.”

About her own impact that inspired the nomination and celebration, Parks said, “It might seem little, but a little bit goes a long way.”