Waltrip HS boys golf team wins district championship

The Waltrip High School boys golf team are District 9-5A champions after wrapping up a successful 2022-2023 season.  

With only one team member last season, this year’s team has seen some major improvements with the addition of sophomore Houston Perry playing alongside sophomore Anthony Aguilar.

The team, which is led by Coach Tristan Randle, sat down for an exclusive interview with HISD Strategic Communications Specialist Travion Harmon to talk about their winning season and becoming district champions.

Q: How does it feel to win district after an amazing season?  

Anthony: It feels good to win district and have an actual team this year.

Q: What was your favorite moment from this season as you competed alongside your new teammate?

Houston: My favorite moment was when we went to Margaritaville Lake Resort in Conroe for regionals. We fell short of our goal, but it was a learning lesson for us all.

Q: What makes playing golf especially fun here at Waltrip?

Anthony: It’s one of those sports where you can chill and not worry about anyone. Just stick to your game.

Q: What would you say has contributed the most to the team’s success this year?

Anthony: A lot of practice and Coach Randall. Coach Randall is a big part of this team and inspires us to keep going whenever things aren’t going our way. He helps us fix what we need to work on, and he really makes this team special.

Q: How do you all manage being a student-athlete and making sure your grades are as just as good as your performance on the court?

Houston: Grades are a big thing for us. We try to make the most of our time by completing homework during spare time and getting as much done during school so we can focus on golf during practice.

Q: What can we expect in the next coming years from the Rams golf team?

Anthony: We hope to go back to regionals and advance further in the tournament next year.