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More than 100 HISD seniors receive full-ride scholarships through Marvy Finger Family Foundation

A record number 112 HISD seniors received full-ride scholarships at the annual Marvy Finger Family Foundation Scholarship Ceremony held Wednesday, April 26, at Delmar Fieldhouse.

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Finger scholarship offers opportunities for career, technical education

Considering a career in construction, transportation, cosmetology, nursing, or industrial technology? HISD students may qualify for a full scholarship in one of these fields or many more! Local and national industry data show a need for highly skilled employees in high-growth jobs with great earning potential.

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Since 2012, the Marvy Finger Family Foundation Scholarship has been awarding worthy HISD graduates full scholarships covering their two-year degree or certification program in these high-demand careers.

Austin High School graduate Isai Gutierrez won a full scholarship from Finger and now works for Higman Marine. “I’m very thankful to have received this scholarship,” Gutierrez said. “It allowed me to secure a career that I can be proud of as a Tankerman and eventually Captain.” Continue reading