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Available student assistance is top of mind for Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Houston Independent School District is joining organizations across the country in raising awareness about the importance of mental health by highlighting available resources and support for students and staff.

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HISD PAWS program offers emotional support to students and staff

HISD offers a variety of resources to support mental health. In 2021, the HISD Police Department and Social and Emotional Learning Department joined forces to create PAWS, a program designed to provide comfort and support in crisis situations.

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Harris County Behavioral Health Task Force Offers New Recommendations Prioritizing Emotional and Behavioral Health in Schools


Mental Health America of Greater Houston and members of the Harris County School Behavioral Health Initiative will announce on Thursday new attainable and needed recommendations that prioritize emotional and behavioral health in Harris County area schools.  Due to recent national tragedies, renewed attention has been given to the importance of meeting the behavioral health needs of children and youths.  The recommendations will establish both the urgent need for, and the advantages of, a paradigm shift on the part of the education and behavioral health systems.

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