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PSAT scores from October test now available 

PSAT scores from the October test have been released, and they are available now. After spending time to take the test, it’s important to access, understand, and use the PSAT scores to your advantage.

PSAT scores will help you understand how close you are to being college ready in math, reading, and writing. PSAT test scores can also connect you to other benefits you hadn’t thought of, including enrichment programs, internships, summer camps, scholarships, and the ability to take college-level courses in high school.

Some schools are creating a special event or day to explain what you need to know, but you don’t have to wait for that. You can access your scores online NOW and learn how ready you are for college, explore which Advanced Placement courses are a good match for you, and gain insight into which skills to focus on in order to prepare for the SAT.   Continue reading

Bellaire HS senior aces both SAT and ACT

September 30, 2015 – Bellaire High School senior Antony Yun has officially earned bragging rights after receiving a perfect score on both the SAT and the ACT college entrance exams.

Antony Yun

Antony Yun

Yun was among four Houston Independent School District students from two schools to earn perfect scores on the SAT during the 2014-2015 school year. Three seniors from DeBakey High School for Health Professions —Anushka Madhuvarshi, Sasha Raman, and Gary Zhang — also earned the highest possible score on the SAT. Continue reading

PSAT Test Day introduces students to the SAT, prepares them for college

HISD 9-11th graders took the PSAT during the school day on Oct. 15 at their campus as part of the district’s PSAT Test Administration Day.

The PSAT, a preliminary SAT and College Board exam that measures college readiness among students, is offered to HISD students free of charge on PSAT Test Administration Day at HISD. Students are scheduled to take the exam in the morning and could spend up to three hours completing the test that includes sections on math, critical reading, and writing.

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“There are a lot of opportunities for students to prepare for the PSAT in HISD,” said Jharrett Bryant with the HISD College Readiness Department. “The PrepMe platform is an online course that’s given to all students in the district. It’s actually an adaptive course, where based on a diagnostic you take at the beginning of the class, it customizes a study plan for you.” Continue reading

College Readiness Month helps students plan early for college

The Houston Independent School District will recognize October as College Readiness Month by offering college fairs, workshops, and information sessions to students as they prepare to take College Board exams and apply for college and financial aid.

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“Students can find themselves running out of time to meet deadlines if they wait until November or later to begin the college admissions process,” said HISD College Readiness Assistant Superintendent Rick Cruz. “Applying to colleges and visiting college campuses early helps ensure that our students don’t miss out on a number of valuable opportunities that may lead to a college acceptance or scholarship offer.”

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Parents urged to talk with their teens about PSAT/NMSQT scores

Last October, thousands of HISD freshmen, sophomores, and juniors took the PSAT/NMSQT college-readiness test, and campus staff began distributing the results this month.

Parents are strongly encouraged to discuss these scores with their children, as they can not only help gauge a student’s readiness for college but also identify good candidates for Advanced Placement (AP) classes next semester and, in some cases, determine a student’s eligibility for scholarships.

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‘PSAT for All’ Initiative Preparing Students Early for Demands of College

Thousands of ninth-graders across HISD began taking the PSAT college-readiness exam this fall as a part of the “PSAT for All” initiative.

Launched in 2003, the program was originally designed to give all tenth-graders a chance to take the test for free. It was expanded in 2010 to include all ninth-graders. All test administration fees are paid for by the district.

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