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2012-2013 School Year Ushers in Year Two of STAAR

The 2012-2013 school year is the second year for the new state assessment known as STAAR, which requires high school students to take End of Course exams or EOCs rather than grade-based assessments under TAKS. Last year, only high school freshmen were required to take STAAR End of Course exams. This year, all ninth- and tenth-graders in the state of Texas will take STAAR EOCs.

Under STAAR, a student’s score on an EOC would normally count toward 15 percent of their final course grade. However, the Texas Education Agency has deferred implementation of the 15 percent grading requirement for the 2012-2013 school year.

Westside High School freshmen and their parents wanting more information on STAAR recently came out to a special campus workshop. The informational session was held to help parents understand how the new EOC exams could impact their child’s course grades and GPAs, as well as their ability to graduate.

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HISD Wins National School Public Relations Association ‘Gold Medallion’ Award

The Houston Independent School District has been selected as the winner of the 2012 National School Public Relations Association ‘Gold Medallion’ Award for its exemplary communication plan to create awareness on the new state-mandated STAAR exams implemented during the 2011-2012 academic year.

NSPRA’s Gold Medallion Award is the top national competition recognizing superior education public relations programs, and HISD was selected from a field of 54 public relations programs throughout the United States and Canada.

This award recognizes the district for the multilingual, multimedia, communication plan it implemented to inform parents, students and the community about the new state-mandated STAAR exams and their implications on students. 

This communication plan included various strategies ranging from traditional mail outs, TV and radio interviews and public meetings, to internally produced live TV forums, social media campaigns, phone banks and interactive web events. 

In addition, HISD established partnerships with local media such as Univision to help reach out to the community through various live interviews, weekly educational segments and a live phone bank during prime time. 

The entries submitted were evaluated on the ability to successfully execute the following: research, analysis and planning, communication and implementation, and evaluation.

TEA commissioner to approve STAAR EOC performance standards in mid-April

On April 5, the Texas Education Agency posted a revised timeline showing the commissioner approving STAAR end-of-course exam standards in mid-April:

March 26-29 STAAR Testing (grades 3-8 and EOC)
   Mid April EOC Standards Approved by Commissioner
   April 16 First meeting of the Academic Achievement Distinction Designation Committee (AADDC)
   April 24-27 STAAR Testing (grades 3-8)
   May 7-18 STAAR Testing (EOC)
   May Second meeting of the ATAC
   Early June EOC results available with standards

Click here to view the entire 2013 Accountability System Development Timeline.

See what they’re saying about STAAR

The first administration of the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) exam began today, and students and parents took to social media sites to talk about the test. Here’s what some of them had to say:

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    For the freshmen taking STAAR, may the be force be with you.


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 08:00:14
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    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB7ax2i73Rk?wmode=transparent&showinfo=0]
    HISD Answers Frequently Asked Questions about STAAR


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 15:26:50
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    STAAR testing was way more fun than I thought it would be!


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 11:05:15
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    I think I’m going to like STAAR. It was pretty easy


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 12:23:40
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    Good luck to both my boys this week on the STAAR testing I love you both bunches, n good luck to all the other kids who are testing as well


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 11:00:47
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    #BelieveItOrNot i like STAAR better than taks


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 16:48:32
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    RT @jewduhrob: I’m just a normal boy most days, but today I’m a STAAR.


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 12:05:22
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    STAAR is great.


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 12:14:02
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    That awkward moment when someone’s phone goes off in the middle of the STAAR test and its an eminem song… #totesawk


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 12:13:40
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    Good Luck my dear friends that have to take the STAAR TEST. I know you will do great


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 09:49:55
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    Me: u ready for your writing test? Student: yes sir Mr. O’Neil, I know how to write stories. He’s ready for STAAR! #edchat


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 12:28:45
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    Happy #STAAR testing today to all Texas 9th graders. Write like you’ve never written before! Wait, no…


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 12:26:27
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    Happy STAAR testing, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 10:00:18
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    New questions from HISD parents answered on STAAR Q&A site: hisdstaar.wordpress.com


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 12:17:53
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    Shout Out!! to the DHS Freshman Campus…. in Taking the STAAR Test Today.


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 09:51:12
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    Good Luck Kids!


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 11:36:31
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    iWonder how my little brother doing on the STAAR Test.
    This morning I told him if he didn’t know the answer to just choose C.


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 12:13:57
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    Good luck today on the STAAR, Freshman.!(:
    #So happy to be a 1996 baby<3


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 10:10:45
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    Staar test was too easy!


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 12:23:02
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    Just finished my STAAR test , it was really easy I’m ready for the second part now!!!!!


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 12:25:35
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    First day of new TX state assessment, #STAAR . Less multiple choice, two types of essays, timed. Best of luck to all those testing!


    Mon, Mar 26 2012 12:18:59

STAAR testing begins today (w/ video)

As students in Houston ISD begin taking the new State Assessments of Academic Readiness, HISD’s Richard Blair talks about some of the chief differences between TAKS and STAAR, and how parents can help their children get ready for the tests. For a complete schedule of testing dates, click here.

Click image above for video.

Transcript from today’s live chat on STAAR


Thank you for joining us for a live chat about STAAR. Our panelists are ready to take your questions. We have with us Mark Shenker (High School Office), Richard Blair (Middle School Office), Angela Borzon (High School Office) and Angela Miller (Curriculum). We will make every effort to answer your questions today – if we experience technical difficulties, we will switch to Twitter and replace the chat window with a live feed.

[Comment From HISD parentHISD parent: ] 

Is it better to guess on a question or leave it blank if you don’t know the answer?


Wrong answers are not counted against a student; they simply do not get credit for the question. The raw score for multiple choice items reflects the total number of correct responses. There is no downside to guessing if a student does not have time to review answer choices.


HISD reaches out to Hispanic community with live STAAR forum in Spanish

Panelists will be taking questions from studio audience and callers

The Houston Independent School District is reaching out to its Spanish-speaking community and familiarizing them with the new state-mandated STAAR exam by broadcasting a live STAAR Forum in Spanish on Tuesday, March 6, from 7 to 8 p.m. on HISD TV.

This live Spanish forum will provide parents and students the opportunity to ask questions and share their concerns about STAAR with a panel of bilingual experts, including administrators and school principals. The panelists will also outline the chief differences between the previous state exam, TAKS, and STAAR, and discuss the state’s recent decision giving school districts the option of deferring implementation of the requirement that high school students’ scores on STAAR end-of-course exams count toward their class grades

Viewers can participate by submitting questions through HISD’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, via e-mail to STAAR@houstonisd.org or by calling during the forum to 713-556-8901. 

What:         Live STAAR Forum in Spanish

Who:          HISD parents, students and STAAR panelists

When:        Tuesday, March 6, from 7 to 8 p.m.

Where:       HISD-TV (Comcast, Ch. 18 and AT&T U-Verse, Ch. 99) and online at www.houstonisd.org/HISDTV.

Join HISD for noontime chat on STAAR – March 7 on houstonisd.org

Parents, teachers and community members can visit houstonisd.org for an interactive web chat on STAAR on Wednesday, March 7, from noon to 1.

A chat window will display a running feed of questions and answers during the live event. Viewers can simply watch, or actively participate by typing questions into the chat window. Selected questions will appear along with a response from HISD’s panel of STAAR experts.

On the Q&A panel: Curriculum Director Nancy Gregory, Director of High School Office Mark Shenker, and Middle School Accountability Manager Richard Blair.

See who came out to the live STAAR information session

 More than 100 people crowded the main studio and two overflow areas  to learn more about the new state end-of-course examinations  at HISD’s live STAAR forum. Parents, students, educators and other members of the community engaged a panel of experts in a question and answer session covering a variety of issues related to STAAR.

Click through the photos below to see who came out to the event.