Children First Academy charter school students invited to enroll in HISD

The Houston Independent School District is inviting students from the Children First Academy, a charter school closed this week by the Texas Education Agency, to enroll in HISD.

As a district of choice, HISD provides a diverse portfolio of educational options, including neighborhood schools and magnet programs.

Parents interested in enrolling their children in HISD should first visit their neighborhood school. If you have questions about other HISD campus options, call the School Choice Office at 713-556-6734. Parents may also visit to determine which neighborhood school serves their community.

The Children First Academy was located at 7803 E. Little York Road, Houston, Texas, 77016. Neighboring HISD campuses include:

Pre-K School
Fonwood Early Childhood Center
10719 Seneca Street
Houston, Texas 77016

Elementary Schools
Elmore Elementary School
8200 Tate Street
Houston, Texas 77028

Hilliard Elementary School
8115 East Houston Road
Houston, Texas 77028

Marshall Elementary School
6200 Winfield Road
Houston, Texas 77050

Scarborough Elementary School
3021 Little York
Houston, Texas 77093

Shadydale Elementary School
5905 Tidwell Rd
Houston, Texas 77016

Middle Schools
Forest Brook Middle School
7525 Tidwell Road
Houston, Texas 77016

Henry Middle School
10702 East Hardy
Houston, Texas 77093

Key Middle School
4000 Kelly
Houston, Texas 77026