Volunteer for 2014 Grads Within Reach Walk Sept. 6

Help HISD get dropouts back in school by volunteering for the 2014 Grads Within Reach walk.

This year’s event will be held at 24 high schools from 8 a.m. to noon on Sat., Sept. 6, 2014. Volunteers will be placed in teams and fan out across the city, based on the school to which they are assigned, and visit the last known address of students who dropped out or didn’t show up for the first weeks of school.

Participating high schools include: Austin, Bellaire, Chavez, Davis, Furr, Jones, Kashmere, Lamar, Lee, Madison, Milby, North Forest, Reagan, Sam Houston, Scarborough, Sharpstown, Sterling, Waltrip, Washington, Westbury, Westside, Wheatley, Worthing, and Yates.

To volunteer, please fill out this form and choose a convenient training day, if this is your first time participating. If you have participated in the past, no additional training is needed. For current HISD Employees, simply send an email to gwr@houstonisd.org to receive a training package after you have completed the Volunteer Online Registration.

For more information, call the HISD Department of Dropout Prevention at 713-556-7017 or email gwr@houstonisd.org.

HISD has made it easy for dropouts to return to school. Visit this page for more information and call 713-556-7017 to learn how to enroll in classes again.

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