HISD Police Department welcomes new K-9

The newest four-legged addition to the HISD Police Department arrived last week, wagging her tail to show her excitement.

Officer Boni is a German Shepherd with a Hungarian bloodline. For the next month, she will undergo additional training including obedience, stamina, endurance, and narcotics detection.

“Boni will demonstrate the role and duties of our K-9 team for the public,” HISD Sgt. Tridung Tran said. “We want to build long-lasting relationships with the communities we serve, and our K-9 officers are the perfect ice breaker.”

Once Boni completes her training, she will serve as a narcotic detection canine, as well as an ambassador for HISD’s K-9 unit.

Boni was previously part of K9s4COPs, a nonprofit that provides law enforcement agencies, school districts and college campus police departments with trained K-9 officers.

She will join the rest of the department’s K-9 unit, which includes Sasha, a Dutch Shepherd used for narcotic detection and articles searches, Aries, a Belgian Malinois used for explosive detection and articles searches, Bjorn, a Belgian Malinois used for narcotics detection and patrol, and Bowie, a Czech Shepherd used for patrol.

While Boni is joining a welcoming HISD Police Department family, Officer Nina Munguia, Boni’s handler, said they’re still getting to know one another.

“Right now, she’s shy and timid,” Munguia said.