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HISD Police Department welcomes new K-9

The newest four-legged addition to the HISD Police Department arrived last week, wagging her tail to show her excitement.

Officer Boni is a German Shepherd with a Hungarian bloodline. For the next month, she will undergo additional training including obedience, stamina, endurance, and narcotics detection.

“Boni will demonstrate the role and duties of our K-9 team for the public,” HISD Sgt. Tridung Tran said. “We want to build long-lasting relationships with the communities we serve, and our K-9 officers are the perfect ice breaker.” Continue reading

K9 is on the case to keep district facilities safe and secure

With HISD graduation season a few months away, one super sleuth is sniffing out any trouble behind the scenes – ensuring each stadium or facility is secure for those who will attend the ceremonies. Pretty impressive work for a 3-year-old.

Aries is one of three K9s currently serving with HISD’s patrol unit. He specializes in explosive detection, while his peers, Sasha and Gypsy, focus on narcotics. The canines are all trained to support and protect officers, as well as conduct area searches for drugs, weapons, or other contraband that may be on school grounds or in district facilities.

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