New food distribution sites identified for week of April 13

The Houston Independent School District will continue food distribution efforts at 25 sites throughout the district during the week of Monday, April 13.

Nutrition Services staff are packing food bags at the Hexser T. Holliday Food Services Support Facility, which serves as the central hub for the initiative. Staff will then deliver the food to the distribution sites. Each site can distribute up to 500 bags — or 15,000 pounds of food — per day.

As families arrive at sites, nutrition staff will minimize contact by filling out the required Emergency Food Assistance Program forms for families and placing food in their trunks. Participants who walk to the sites also must adhere to social distancing requirements.

Monday, April 13
Foerster Elementary School, 14200 Fonmeadow Dr., 9 a.m.
Attucks Middle School, 4330 Bellfort Blvd., 9 a.m.
Booker T. Washington High School, 4204 Yale St., 11 a.m.
Blackshear Elementary School, 2900 Holman Ave., 3 p.m.
Shadydale Elementary School, 5905 Tidwell Rd., 3 p.m.

Tuesday, April 14
McNamara Elementary School, 8714 McAvoy Dr., 9 a.m.
Waltrip High School, 1900 W. 34th St., 9 a.m.
Thompson Elementary School, 6121 Tierwester St., 11 a.m.
Jones Futures Academy, 7414 Saint Lo Rd., 3 p.m.
Key Middle School, 4000 Kelley St., 3 p.m.

Wednesday, April 15
Williams Middle School, 6100 Knox St., 9 a.m.
Fondren Elementary School, 12405 Carlsbad St., 9 a.m.
Navarro Middle School, 5100 Polk St., 11 a.m.
Mitchell Elementary School, 10900 Gulfdale Dr., 3 p.m.
Hilliard Elementary School, 8115 E. Houston Rd., 3 p.m.

Thursday, April 16
Hartsfield Elementary School, 5001 Perry St., 9 a.m. 
Jane Long Academy, 6501 Bellaire Blvd., 9 a.m.
Burrus Elementary School, 701 E. 33rd St., 11 a.m.
Wheatley High School, 4801 Providence St., 3 p.m.
Fonwood Early Childhood Center, 9709 Mesa Dr., 3 p.m.

Friday, April 17
Scarborough High School, 4141 Costa Rica Rd., 9 a.m.
Fleming Middle School, 4910 Collingsworth St., 9 a.m.
Young Elementary School, 3555 Bellfort Ave., 11 a.m.
Osborne Elementary School, 800 Ringold St., 3 p.m.
Pilgrim Academy, 6302 Skyline Dr., 3 p.m.