‘A sense of excellence’ as progress continues at new Bellaire HS

Natural light and a central “Main Street” hallway are the hallmarks of the new Bellaire High School, which is now 57 percent complete.

Part of the 2012 Bond Program, the project is on track to be completed in time for the 2021-2022 school year. The completion of Bellaire will close out the massive bond program, which included the renovation or rebuilding of 40 schools, including 29 high schools, across the district.

“One of my favorite areas is going to be the main artery for the school,” Bellaire High School Principal Michael McDonough said. “It will connect the front of the building with the back academic area and have lots of natural light to welcome the students.”

Construction Services Senior Manager Sizwe Lewis said the three-story academic wing should be completed by the end of the year, with the gym to follow in February. The rest of the building is on track to be completed by May 2021.

The new academic wing will feature multiple flexible learning areas for student collaboration, a library with makerspace, and an exterior courtyard. The fine arts wing will contain a 900-seat auditorium and black box theater, while the physical education wing features two gyms.

“The athletic and fine arts areas are the largest improvements for our school,” McDonough said. “That’s exciting because every student has to take a fine arts class for at least a year, and every student has to take physical education for at least a year. Every student will get to enjoy the benefits from those two upgrades.”

The new building also includes a large commons area for students to eat lunch. 

Once the new building is finished, parts of the original school will be demolished, and a new parking garage and administrative areas will be built in its place.

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