Nutrition Services outlines health protocols for in-school meals

As in-person instruction continues across HISD, Nutrition Services has partnered with teachers and other campus workers to create a safe and healthy environment for students to be well-fed and ready to learn.

The department has created health and safety protocols to ensure safety and curb the spread of COVID-19. District students are served breakfast and lunch. Individual campuses can choose either the classroom or cafeterias for lunchtime, depending on the needs of each school.

Steps include washing or sanitizing hands and sanitizing tables before meals, as well as requiring masks and physical distancing for all students and staff. Meals are individually wrapped, and students are seated in designated areas to allow for distancing and staggered arrangements.

Once seated, students can remove masks to eat, but must put it back on when finished or not seated. After eating, students will then throw away their trash, while maintaining six feet of distance, and then wash or sanitize hands once again before returning to class.

Watch the video below for an in-depth look at protocols being used both in the classroom and in cafeterias across the district.