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HISD makes significant gains in student achievement outcomes

The ratings are in, and the Houston Independent School District has made significant academic gains since the last time letter grades were given by the Texas Education Agency.

HISD earned a solid B+ from the TEA and maintained its overall 88 rating from 2019. The TEA did not give grades the last two academic years as school districts navigated the pandemic.

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What it means if your student’s report card has an ‘NG’

When HISD parents from grades K-12 receive report cards on Jan. 10, they may be finding a new notation – “NG” – that blocks the grade from being seen because of poor attendance.

NG isn’t a reflection of failure – in fact the grade may be passing – but under expanded state requirements for school attendance, the student didn’t put in enough time in class to receive a grade in it.

“Excessive, unexcused absences,” is the official explanation parents will see – meaning the student was missing 10 percent or more of the time the class met. A grade will actually be assigned and recorded by HISD, but it will, in effect, be masked on the report card.

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