HISD chef selected to lead Texas AgriLife food videos

Nutrition Services Chef Trainer Brittany Jones is used to teaching others how to prepare tasty, nutritious meals. Now she’ll get to share her expertise with others around the state thanks to a virtual learning seminar.

Jones recently visited Texas A&M University where she filmed culinary demonstrations to be included in virtual lessons for the Learn, Grow, Eat, and Go program offered by Texas AgriLife Extension’s Junior Master Gardener program.

Learn, Grow, Eat, and Go curriculum is used in select HISD elementary science classes to teach students about gardening, nutrition, and physical activity to promote long-term health. Nutrition Services hopes to share the new virtual lessons, which complement the in-person curriculum, all HISD elementary teachers via science curriculum coordinators.

“Programs like these are extremely important,” Jones said. “It teaches students how to eat healthy at a young age and build their healthy habits into adulthood.”

In her role as chef trainer, Jones has hosted cooking demonstrations in schools, often bringing students up from the audience to help her cook. She was quick to step up to the plate after being suggested to film the demonstrations.

Jones demonstrated five of the 10 vegetable-rich and kid-friendly program recipes, including spinach quesadilla, garden skillet sizzle, and red leaf lettuce and strawberry salad. Each recipe comes with a math and science activity that tests students’ comprehension, understanding of measurement, and ability to make basic calculations.

During the eight-hour video shoot, Jones also gave lessons on how to create the perfect dressing and tips on plate presentation and safely cutting and steaming vegetables.

“Students love to hear about food, but you still have to keep their attention as you go along,” Jones said. “I love to sing, dance, and make funny noises…anything to keep the students’ attention. I hope they love the videos and will learn a lot from them.”

For more information on the Learn, Grow, Eat, and Go digital curriculum, visit jmgkids.us/virtual/.