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Rucker ES students jump-start new year through mindfulness and yoga

While many have entered the new year with resolutions to get healthier, a group of students at Rucker Elementary School are taking time each day to put their hands to their hearts and close their eyes. 

“Hands up, deep breath, stretch, and now let’s swing our bodies to the left and now the right,” HISD Social Worker Manager Nicole Batiste said. 

For the next few minutes, students are led through a series of deep breathing and movement exercises designed to help participants be more mindful of their emotions and responses to have better self-control and ultimately better self-esteem. 

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Experience the benefits of yoga on Nov. 7

About 25,000 students in 51 HISD schools participate in yoga-style classes twice a week, and on Nov. 7 you can get a taste of the program that’s helping students personally and academically.

The Wanderlust 108 Festival features a large-scale, 90-minute yoga class and guided mindfulness exercise led by top teachers. There will also be a 5k run, musical performances, and more.

The event, which will be held at Buffalo Bayou Park from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., normally commands a $60 entry fee, but HISD parents can get an 83 percent discount! Visit this website and use the code “sonimalove” to get a reduced price of $10. Students can get in for free by using the code “HISD.” (Note: You will need to make separate transactions to use both discount codes.)

HISD has partnered with the Sonima Foundation since 2013. The yoga-style classes held in 51 campuses include stretching, relaxation techniques, and lessons about nutrition. The curriculum is designed to minimize stress, reduce bullying and violence, increase attendance, and improve academic performance. By the 2018–2019 school year, the district plans to have the program in place at 273 schools.

Health program to help students focus, stay calm expands to 26 schools

Breathing exercises and yoga poses are just a few of the things HISD students learn in the Sonima Health and Wellness program. Fourteen additional HISD schools now offer the curriculum, which is offered by the Sonima Foundation and teaches students multiple skills for a healthier lifestyle.

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New program designed to lower stress, boost focus in classes

Twelve Houston ISD schools have a new program designed to improve students’ health and reduce their stress.

The program, which is sponsored by the Sonima Foundation, will teach students skills for a healthier lifestyle. Through group discussion, character education, breathing exercises and yoga, students will learn to focus their attention, calm their minds, reduce stress and think before reacting.  Nutrition curriculum will be introduced later in the school year. Continue reading