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HISD chef has a passion to serve children

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HISD Research and Development Chef Tom Valdivieso has a new appreciation for what he and his fellow chefs do at the district. As a first-time father of a newborn son who will one day attend an HISD school, Valdivieso understands the importance of his role.

“We always cook with students in mind so that we can make sure they get the necessary nutrients to succeed in school,” he said. “We are trusted with their well-being.”

Valdivieso evaluates the HISD school menu as part of his job to design school meals that are delicious and healthy.

“The goal is always to satisfy students,” he said. He accomplishes this by creating recipes, testing them, and tweaking them to perfection.

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HISD chefs cook up new school menu items

While school is out for the summer, HISD nutrition services chefs are busy in the test kitchen creating and sampling new menu items for the coming school year. And what our chefs have learned from the previous year is that our students want bold flavors, fresh ingredients, and culturally diverse food.

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HISD Nutrition Services is perfectly peachy after Texas Department of Agriculture award

HISD Nutrition Services was recently recognized with the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Perfect Peach Award for offering locally sourced products such as summer squash, apples and watermelon on school menus.

The state’s Local Products Challenge, which asked districts to use more Texas products in their schools, is in line with Nutrition Services’ commitment to use locally grown products on its menus so students become familiar with the agricultural diversity of the Lone Star State.

At Stevens Elementary School, HISD Chef Brittany Jones recently demonstrated how to use summer squash in a variety of fun and tasty ways. “The students enjoyed learning about spaghetti squash,” said Jones. “They never imagined they could use a vegetable in place of noodles.”

Besides fruits and vegetables, HISD also serves milk and fresh bread from Texas.


Nutrition Services encourages culinary students to bake healthy recipes at home

As a reward for cooking healthier at home, four Gregory Lincoln Education Center students received laptops for participating in a Nutrition Services department healthy recipe contest. Culinary arts students were challenged to bake the Nutrition Services’ sweet potato muffin recipe, which utilizes whole grain flour and real sweet potatoes.

Nutrition Services Education Dietitian Jennifer Lengyel and Gregory Lincoln’s Culinary Arts Teacher Kelly Karavias encouraged the students to integrate nutritious ingredients into a recipe that the whole family will enjoy. “Everybody likes a delicious, warm muffin,” Karavias said. “Parents like it, little kids like it.”

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First Class Breakfast program expanding to high schools

Food Research and Action Center awards Nutrition Services $64,000 grant

The Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) has awarded HISD’s Nutrition Services department $64,000 to expand the First Class Breakfast program in HISD high schools. The grant will ensure that students at eight high schools get a nutritious, free breakfast every school day.

A 2012 HISD study reported better academic performance, behavior, and attendance in schools that served breakfast. Nutrition Services Director of Operations Odell Warren explained how beneficial the program is to helping students stay focused in class.

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Nutrition Services offers tips on how to maximize Halloween fun

Stevens Elementary School student Ke’Oshia Johnson picks up a treat during healthy Halloween class.

Stevens Elementary School student Ke’Oshia Johnson picks up a treat during healthy Halloween class.

Excited children in costumes will soon flood neighborhood sidewalks to perform their annual collection of Halloween treats. As plastic pumpkins fill with sugary sweets, parents may ask, “Is it possible to have a healthy Halloween?”

Nutrition Services Education Dietitian Jennifer Lengyel believes it is, through proper education. Lengyel has been teaching elementary school students how to become responsible trick-or-treaters and avoid the issues that come with overindulging.

“The goal is for students to have fun during Halloween, to learn moderation, and take care of their bodies,” Lengyel said. “Talking about how they feel when having too much candy is a better teaching tool than just telling them what not to do.” Continue reading

Nutrition Services adds more fresh fruits and vegetables to menu

Fresh fruit and vegetables story

DeChaumes Elementary School students enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables at lunch.

USDA’s MyPlate recommends children eat three and a half cups of fruits and vegetables daily, and the fresher they are, the more nutrients they contain. HISD Nutrition Services is offering healthier choices for students by adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to school menus.

“We want to offer more varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables to get the students excited about eating healthy foods at school,” said HISD Dietitian Amanda Oceguera. “It was rewarding to see the students’ positive reactions to our Texas-grown watermelon, and we plan to continue offering more items like it.”

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Nutrition Services helps feed Houston’s hungry

Audene Chung and Amanda Oceguera listen to HISD’s Student Congress Representatives request to help less fortunate Houstonians.

HISD’s Audene Chung and Amanda Oceguera listen to Student Congress representatives’ request to help less fortunate Houstonians.

When Houston ISD’s Student Congress visited the district’s Nutrition Services production facility recently, a new partnership to help feed the hungry in Houston was born.

In May, the Student Congress lobbied Nutrition Services to make food donations to Second Servings, an organization that collects and donates leftover food. While Nutrition Services is unable to donate school lunches, it did find a way to make donations through its catering kitchen operations, and the district recently signed a charter to donate leftover food. Continue reading

Business Operations announces ‘Service Excellence’ Employees of the Month

Five HISD Business Operations employees were celebrated as Employees of the Month for May during the department’s breakfast with HISD’s Chief Operating Officer Leo Bobadilla on Tuesday.

(From left to right): Roy Giles, Pat Sykes, HISD Sr. Business Analyst Priscilla Martinez, Kelvin Bryan, and Eusebio Silver.

(From left to right): Roy Giles, Pat Sykes, HISD Sr. Business Analyst Priscilla Martinez, Kelvin Bryan, and Eusebio Silver.

Every month, five individuals from the areas of Transportation, Police, Nutrition Services, Construction and Facilities Services, and Business Assistance are selected to attend “Breakfast with Leo.” The event serves as a way to recognize district employees who go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service.

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