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eNews Highlight: Preparing to become a ‘Mawrter’

Sharpstown HS senior talks about why she’s obsessed with collecting owls

Meghan Berndt has been justifiably excited about being accepted into Bryn Mawr, her dream university, this fall.

Now, the Sharpstown High School senior is getting ready for the big changes ahead, by getting to know both current and aspiring “Mawrters” and obsessively buying anything with an owl (the school mascot) on it.

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eNews Highlight: Playing the waiting game

Earlier this year, Olaide Sode put the finishing touches on the last of 23 separate applications she submitted to various colleges and universities.

She has already received acceptance letters from two in-state schools, but the others remain a tantalizing mystery.

Read more about how the Carnegie Vanguard High School is dealing with the suspense of not knowing in the March 6, 2015, edition of eNews.

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eNews Highlight: Awkward conversations and way too many acronyms

Felipe Guillen poses for a photograph, July 9, 2014. (Houston ISD/Dave Einsel)

When Felipe Guillen first arrived at Stanford University, he was worried about what kind of reception he would experience. But the warm welcome he received, the friendly people he met, and the whirlwind of activities that took place shortly afterward helped him feel comfortable right away.

Read more about how the Chávez High School alumnus weathered his new student orientation at an Ivy League university in the Dec. 12, 2014, edition of eNews. Continue reading

eNews Highlight: Meet the Carnegie senior who’s applying to 23 colleges

Read why this EMERGE student is keeping her options open in this week’s edition

While most seniors are fine-tuning a short list of colleges and universities they might want to attend, one student at HISD’s Carnegie Vanguard High School is doing exactly the opposite. Learn why Olaide Sode is pushing herself to apply to almost two dozen different schools, and how the EMERGE program is helping Olaide and other economically disadvantaged students to reach for the stars in the Nov. 7, 2014, edition of eNews.

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I Am HISD: Meet HISD’s current longest serving employee

When Dr. Johnnie Carter was first hired back in October of 1959, Eisenhower was still president, gas only cost about 25 cents a gallon, and Alaska and Hawai’i had just been admitted to the union.

Learn more about HISD’s current longest-serving employee and why she stays in the classroom even after 53 years in this week’s “I Am HISD” profile. Or check out the full edition of eNews online.

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Meet HISD’s sports announcer—a computer analyst—in this week’s eNews

Find out what he does to make teams feel special

By day, Wesley White is a computer analyst for Texas Children’s Hospital, but by night, he’s the announcer for HISD’s football games at the Delmar-Tusa stadium. You can read more about him and how he got involved with HISD’s Athletics Department in the “I Am HISD” feature of the Sept. 20, 2013, edition of eNews.  Continue reading

EMERGE Program ‘Crucial’ in Getting HISD Graduate to ‘Dream School’

When Phuong Ta first came to America as a 17-year-old, she had no inkling she would one day be attending a Tier One university. But the 2012 Chávez High School graduate just completed her first year at Tufts University, and you can read more about her journey to higher education through HISD’s EMERGE program in the Sept. 6 edition of community eNews.

Other stories highlighted in this week’s edition include:

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61-Year-Old New Teacher Featured in Community eNews

A man who wanted to be a teacher since he was in middle school proves that it’s never too late to realize your dreams. The 61-year-old, who spent about 30 years managing fast-food restaurants, is a new teacher at Deady Middle School, and he’s featured in the Aug. 9 edition of community eNews.

Other stories highlighted in eNews include:

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